Gathering and analyzing data useful to historians, literary scholars, political scientists...


Screenshot of the Price One Penny electronic edition of The Mysteries of the Inquisition

Comparing translations (French and English)

I prepared a sentence level side-by-side comparison of two English translations with the original French novel to analyze why one was more popular than the other.

Useful to scholars of English or French literature in a global context, historians of French America and Norman England, political scientists studying international treatise and organizations, etc.

Screenshot of Price One Penny: A Database of Cheap Literature, 1837-1860

Building a bibliographical database

I designed a database tailored to suit both the bibliographical specificities of the works (published in installments) and the research aims (tracking the sources of the texts, if any).

Useful to literary scholars, philosophers, historians, and political scientists studying an author, a group of authors or any other finite corpus as well as works with unusual bibliographic characteristics.

Screenshot of the KML file locating Victorian penny publishers' offices in GoogleEarth

Geolocating destroyed places

I located publishers' offices on GoogleEarth, including addresses on streets that no longer exist, to discover how geographical proximity could have influenced the trade.

Useful to bring a historical perspective to urban studies and a geographical one to research on industries, correspondence, etc.

Screenshot of a timemap presenting what is known of the lives of Victorine Germillan and Manuel de Cuendías

Conducting bio-bibliographical research

I tracked a pseudonymous author and her Spanish-born collaborator's presence and publications throughout France, Spain, Belgium, and Algeria to understand the personal, financial, and political motivations behind their writing.

Useful to historians of English and French-speaking countries seeking to learn more about the lives of specific individuals.

Screenshot of a sociogram representing the relationships between Victorian penny authors, publishers, and periodicals

Visualizing networks of relationships

I used Pajek to draw a sociogram of affiliations between authors, publishers, and periodicals, bringing out new fields of inquiry by identifying both clusters and singletons.

Useful to researchers in history, economics, literature, philosophy, and science studying collaborations, correspondence, industries, or any other form of social network.

Personal photography of a presentation copy of Renton Nicholson's Dombey and Daughter held at the Houghton Library

Researching rare books and archives

I visited over a dozen libraries in the UK, the US, France, Spain, Canada, and Australia as well as one auction to gather precise bibliographic information, locate readers' marks, and study publishers' archives.

Useful to historians, philosophers, and literary scholars who are unfamiliar with rare book rooms and archives, or who do not have the time or resources to visit them.


Based in Montreal, I have a background in Pure and Applied Science (CEGEP-level), studied Liberal Arts as an undergraduate, and specialized in English literature for my master's degree at the University of Montreal.

I am currently completing my doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge.

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